Wear the Fire, Celebrate July 4th

Wear the Fire, Celebrate July 4th

Are you ready for the celebration by the lake for this July 4th yet?  There’s so much to look forward to for sparkle this summer night: Breeze, water, trees, beaches, binikies and martinies!

Add to your shopping list for an item of our opal jewelry – you are going to love the fires and sparkles from our stones at the summer night!

Simulated opal stones are not only shining but also mystic. Under any lighting, either indoor lighting or natural lighting, the stones are able to bling in different angles, enhanced by the small surrounding diamonds. They are becoming popular to replace expensive diamond jewelry. They are a great alternative for fashionesters to look different and own the colors and glamour from the briliant stones.

Espere opal jewelry is recently launched, you can shop from the links below for earrings, necklaces and rings.


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